Designing is a set of architectural and engineering calculations that are performed before the construction starts and precede the implementation of any construction solution. The concept of design includes not only the development of detailed engineering drawings, architectural plan and nuances functioning of the future construction, but also recovering the necessary permits and approvals for construction. This includes work on the compilation of construction estimate, the collection and calculation of all loads, and other important moments. In short, design is a complex, multi-stage and labor-intensive process that requires experience, knowledge and training.

The quality of the completed design work will depend on the durability, convenience, proper functionality and even the safety of the building or structure.

The “STAM” company has competent technician for carrying out all the design-related works. The development of documentation necessary for building and construction is one of the main company`s area. We carry out design:

  • residential buildings of various classes;
  • office and administrative centers;
  • shopping centres and commercial complexes;
  • production, agricultural, storage facilities;
  • verall plans of any complexity;
  • engineering networks and auxiliary structures;
  • facades, interiors, exteriors, landscapes, etc.


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