Having been in business for more than fifteen years already, the “STAM” company is engaged in projecting and arrangement of industrial floors on the objects under construction. The total area of the floors, which are produced by us, has long exceeded a number of tens of thousands of square meters, while we have accumulated a great wealth of experience and today we guarantee our customers not only high quality and full compliance of the floor parameters for your goals and tasks, but also the efficiency of all works, which are performed.

Industrial floors are, first of all, enduring quality, because in such rooms the floor loads are maximal. At the same time, industrial floors must be:

  • waterproof;
  • chemicals-resistant;
  • shatterproof;
  • resistant to ultraviolet radiation;
  • dust-free and hygienic;
  • fast-managing;
  • simple to care;
  • esthetic-looking.


The most highly sought and popular in industry and technical rooms are concrete floors. For them to have the appealing original appearance and a long term of exploitation, our specialists use the so-called toppings – separate strengthening compounds, which give the floors the necessary properties.

Dry topping is a composition, that includes special cement, small fractional fillers, including metal fillers, and polymer additives. The composition is carefully rubbed into the still damp concrete surface, then it is smoothed and polished. This coating protects the floor from cracking and formation of calcareous plaque, gives it the necessary strength.

The main advantages of armored technological floors are:

  • durability and wearing qualities;
  • minimal dust formation;
  • ease of servicing and cleaning;
  • hygiene standards;
  • simplicity of arrangement;
  • a wide range of color variations;
  • the coating reliably integrated into the concrete basis of the floor;
  • the best price-quality ratio.

The combination of color pigments introduced into the topping allows you to make various logotypes, pictures, inscriptions and decorative images of the kind you need on the floor surface.

The technology of armored floors for non-residential premises includes several necessary stages:

  • laying and subsequent compression of concrete composition;
  • treatment of the dried concrete surface by topping;
  • smoothing of the ready-made coating;
  • compact acrylic lacquer application;
  • cutting of adimensionalized and contractible joints, and filling them with special elastic material.

Within a day you can walk on such a floor, and after 5-7 days it is ready for complete exploitation.

We recommend armored floors for industrial premises, shops, warehouses and storage facilities. They are also perfect for printing plants, supermarkets and retail areas, service stations, garages, parking lots and other business premises where a wear-resistant, reliable floor is required.


If for any reason armored floors do not suit you, liquid polymer and silicate self-leveling compositions are used. The “STAM” company has a whole complex of modern technologies in the sphere of arrangement of such industrial coatings.

The group of polymer self-leveling floors includes high-tech surfaces made of epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic and other materials. The most common epoxy coatings, including, except for epoxy resin, up to 90% of the colored quartz sand of a specially selected fraction.

The main advantages of self-leveling polymer floors are:

  • durability, wearing qualities and strength;
  • exceptionally firm, uniform surface;
  • high resistance to chemical and temperature influences;
  • hygiene standards and ease of servicing;
  • absence of dust formation;
  • possibility of anti-slip surface creation (even wet);
  • dielectric and antistatic properties;
  • high maintainability and renewability;
  • excellent elasticity and impact resistance;
  • a wide range of colors;
  • aesthetic appearance.

Liquid polymer components are applied to the concrete coating in 14 days after laying, when the concrete is already dried and its pores are clean from water. In such a way, polymers penetrate into the concrete to a depth of several millimeters, forming a durable protective coating.

Areas of application of self-leveling floors:
medicine and pharmaceutics, microelectronics, food processing facilities, shopping malls, schools, offices, warehouses, etc.

Ready-made industrial armored and self-leveling floors from the “STAM” company correspond to all the most current requirements and the current standards of Ukraine and Europe. Ukrainian consumers appreciated their excellent performance, affordable price, ease of operation and efficiency of the arrangement. Do you want to have the same? Call us at the phone number indicated on the site!


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