Fast-track buildings are the brainchild of new technologies, increasingly replacing traditional building objects from concrete, bricks and other materials. Such constructions are raised faster and at the same time they are cheaper than concrete or brick clumsy counterparts. Furthermore, when they are constructed, hardly any heavy building machinery is required, and this also provides telling economy and reduces the cost of the project.

The range of application of fast-track buildings is expanding – if at the beginning they were primarily agricultural facilities, today entertainment and shopping centers, exhibition pavilions, hangars, service stations, mini-plants, car showrooms, sports and industrial facilities, office buildings and even residential buildings are built from such structures.

The energy efficiency of such buildings has also increased – they have become warm and good. So, customers are insured against drafts, leaks, corrosion and excessive expenses for heating. At the same time, the service life of fast-track buildings has grown significantly and is almost inferior to that of concrete structures.

The “STAM” company has been successfully constructing fast-track buildings of various types and assignments, layouts and complete sets for several years already. Used in the construction of insulation materials can operate fast-track buildings even in cold climatic zones, where frosts reach -55 ° C in winter. At the same time, all objects constructed by us correspond to the current building standards of Ukraine.

Among the materials used by us and offered to consumers are:

  • Weld-fabricated metal structures and cold-rolled galvanized profiles (Z, C, U, omega, L-steel);
  • Sandwich panels (light, fire and moisture resistant);
  • Metal tile roofing;
  • Profiled sheeting;
  • Drainage systems;
  • Wall panels;
  • Heat-, sound- and waterproofing materials;
  • all types of fixings.

“STAM” is engaged in the delivery of load-bearing steel frames with a set of wall and roof fencing in any point of Ukraine. Shipment of the order is carried out in the shortest time and at competitive prices.

Promptly and accurately we will project and build any necessary fast-erecting turnkey building for you.


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